beginning to develop ~feelings~ or s/t for friend nicholas L which is NOT good but like idk we get along really well and have compatible senses of humor and pop culture likes and he’s really HOT but like he def doesn’t feel that way abt me prolly so BAD NO MORE

A bunch of people are smoking weed in my house which is fine or w/e but now my room smells and I’m not into that idk

I don’t want to “hook up” with anyone I want to date someone and hold hands and go on dates to bookstores and the movies and kiss a bit but not right away because we’re dating and taking things slowly and enjoying each other’s company that’s what I want and I think one day that will happen

wow biggest crush on mikey crotty rly enjoyed talking to him at the show he’s very qt dang 

i don’t think there’s anyone i have met irl that i really like in a romantic capacity rn and i don’t know how to change that seeing as i have crippling social anxiety that slightly prevents me from getting out and meeting people and also almost every boy i have met at msu (via my roommate) has just been “gross frat would be afraid to be alone in a room with” so idrk what msu has to offer and i’m okay with that but a boyf to kiss would be nice i d freaking k