Attempted to give good friend nick Lazich cheek kiss but he turned into it and it was brief lips kiss and nice idk should happen again??

ugh ben texted me last night and was being really sweet and then it turned kind of sexual and ughhhhh leave me alone you’re confusing me

i really have no desire to have sex but i do have desire to do the stuff that precedes sex idk

really really happy the second show i was supposed to put on this week got canceled i only have to be anxious/worry about one yayayaya :)

like i’ve started snapchatting my roommates younger brother like idk how old he is but he is NEAT

i like being the age where high schoolers and people in their mid twenties are into me

(it’s weird how nice ben is to like everyone who isn’t me i don’t get it what did i do to deserve being treated so poorly it doesn’t matter i’m done with that guy last post i promise)